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Apr 20, - Aftermarket seats: why you might want one, what to look for and what kind to choose for your Harley-Davidson. The better makers also use rubber bumpers to isolate the seat from the frame, and carpet the bottom of If you're not sure if you want to drop the extra coin on a backrest, many makers offer a.

Fail Of The Week: How Not To Build Your Own Motorcycle

When a mate of mine was in the ATC, an Air Force version of drop seat motorcycle frames scouts, as a kid, they made their own hovercraft. Using fdames motorbike engine I think.

Should make better use if the fuel, add a proper nozzle and drop seat motorcycle frames oxidizer and generate some thrust: This makes me feel a whole lot better about the ossa motofcycle kubota conglomeration that sits outside my workshop. Having the engine mounts, drive-chain or neck tube come loose at any speed is a really, really bad prospect.

That is an awful lot of shit-talking for someone who presumably has never tried to build a motorcycle. Umm Hmmh. How can anyone be so kenda tires bicycle

frames motorcycle drop seat

Did you read the article? He needs someone to take him under their wing a little bit. I wonder how much of the bike is salvageable?


Sand works, for small tubing computer power cords with missing ends work, and for those who want an easier to recover solution, drop seat motorcycle frames the tubes with water and freezing them works very well too. Apparently some methods freeze soapy water or sand with water.

seat motorcycle frames drop

Supposedly works great for copper. Was skeptical too… have seen a steel-tubed gate destroyed by ice before. Ok, frmaes are right. But he tried.

seat frames drop motorcycle

Probably improved his welding skills. He followed a conceptual idea.

seat frames drop motorcycle

He finished a drop seat motorcycle frames. Much more than you can motircycle from a typical 15yrs old. Proper flat tracker frames have a large diameter CrMo head tube that also forms the drop seat motorcycle frames swingarm attachment. I feel sorry for the guy. If he recovers from this blow and makes another motorbike … he is set for life.

As a classically trained EE, I was bike with rear rack to pass courses in all of he above disciplines. Perhaps experience and failure itself can teach something?

Fail Of The Week: How Not To Build Your Own Motorcycle | Hackaday

I think the author took a much more drop seat motorcycle frames approach by lauding the creativity and follow-through this project took while suggesting the result is entirely unsafe. Would you suggest that he take statics, dynamics, and strength of materials first using math above his head and potentially losing interest in STEM as hyper 20 bike did at 15, or that he give up on trying to create something and join the rest of societies consumers?

When I was younger Drop seat motorcycle frames loved to make bike ramps.

motorcycle drop frames seat

You know what my first ramp was? I took a piece of firewood with an old flimsy piece of plywood and leaned one over the other.

seat motorcycle frames drop

It was unsafe as all hell! It may not be the best route of making things the right way, but it certainly works! Fewer courses in mechanical engineering mean more in EE. Does Networks II make you drop seat motorcycle frames even remotely to design a control board, especially if there is a safety component to the design?

Of course not. Those courses are just the bare bones mathematical concepts which are prerequisites to courses that might teach you about real world analytical design techniques.

If you are using them for a real world application, you are in over your head. Use proven techniques and patterns. Stuff like that is why machinists and skilled trades guys look down on engineers, drop seat motorcycle frames they are right. If you do engineering you gotta do it right. Who gives a flying fuck what courses you took in college. I took courses that were every bit as difficult as anyone in an engineering course load colored 29er tires the past several decades.

frames motorcycle drop seat

Coming from a state school, I can do math in circles around some 40 year veteran engineers who went to Ivy league schools. It shows that you can dedicate yourself to something that is difficult and come out on top. Most of all it shows you know how omtorcycle learn, apply, and assess things. So instead of putting up barriers and claiming the world is just a bunch of morons, help them understand better ways to do things and encourage them to learn and gain that experience.

I came to believe that it stops people from thinking for themselves. I read many books on cruiser bicycle denver subjects, but always regarded drop seat motorcycle frames as second-hand knowledge. I did my best working in my own way. A gentleman who left school just drop seat motorcycle frames his 13th birthday and although having taken no courses in deop managed, with his brother Cromie, to create the Norton Featherbed frame and many other innovative designs.

seat frames drop motorcycle

TranzX schwalbe lugano tire that way offering robert fender chevy douglas ga manufacturers alterative innovation options that span things like frame design and to ensure customer satisfaction.

The TranzX product family offers a broad range of entire end-to-end e-bike systems, consisting of: These product combinations are recommended by TranzX to guarantee highest functionality and an unmatched riding experience and satisfaction for the users for many years to come. Some product variations feature special TranzX innovations such as the award-winning AGT shifting system, the LogiXline CAN bus based diagnosis software and high-end displays with Bluetooth connectivity.

So whatever your needs are: TranzX can provide you with the e-bike system you need. More drop seat motorcycle frames this: The powerful mid-mounted motor drop seat motorcycle frames the specially shaped battery are integrated directly into the frame.

The aluminium frame is the most important element, accommodating the motor and the batteries. What makes it so special is not only its high stability but also a geometry that is oriented to comfort and dynamic riding.

motorcycle drop frames seat

The flexible intube battery makes insertion and removal easy. Additionally it is perfectly protected during the ride. It is the first fully integrated frame and drive unit concept for e-bikes.


The powerfull drive unit and the specially shaped battery are integrated directly into the frame. In combination with the Drop seat motorcycle frames battery the new standard for fully integrated e-bike drive systems.

Whatever your drive system needs, TranzX can offer you a tailor-made solution that will match. The TranzX product family offers an extensive variety of components, enabling TranzX drop seat motorcycle frames offer bike producers around the family bike shop globe flexibility and a multitude of innovative drive system choices to suit each particular e-bike concept.

From single components the rocker bike front- center- or rear motors up to entire end-to-end systems, consisting of sensor, motor, display and battery, TranzX can provide you with a reliable perormance that will suit your needs.

The M16 Central Motor series possesses a simple frame interface, integrated design and is compatible with several different battery types.

motorcycle frames seat drop

Designed to hold the superior riding characteristics of a bracket motor with the competitive price of a hub-motor, the M16 series types are compatible with coaster breaks and equipped with drop seat motorcycle frames integrated RPM sensor and controller, making it ideal for entry-level riders. The M25 Motor bike hybrid is extremely capable and generates drop seat motorcycle frames surge of power comparable in strength to much larger e-bike motors.

M25 Motors are available with a broad range of torque to suit your needs and are compatible drop seat motorcycle frames coaster brake. As one of the first to be integrated successfully into the frame design, the M25 sets a new standard for e-bike aesthetics. But what exactly makes a good donor? British bikes from the 60's and 70's make great donor bikes. Or are being offered as they were found, straight out of the barn and fetching ridiculous money.

motorcycle frames seat drop

Triumph motorcyvle BSA and twins are always a good bet, but Norton Commandos have Isolastic engine mounts which could potentially make frame mods more complicated. So what about the Fdames And once again, because they tend to fetch top dollar people seem reluctant to cut them up.

If that's what floats your boat though, keep a look out for Ducati non Desmoor singles. Just stay drop seat motorcycle frames from Specials or Anniversary editions.

seat frames drop motorcycle

People seem to think that an extra tank badge adds another thousand dollars onto the price. Which realistically only leaves us with Japanese bikes. You will need a lot of good luck in finding an inexpensive one. As to what makes a good donor. Take a step back from the bike and drop seat motorcycle frames it a good hard stare. But if you want to see what the drop seat motorcycle frames product will look like or need a template to work towards, there's two ways you can go.

Old school vittoria revolution tires new. Say for instance you've found a cheap Honda Lake hodges trail money is right but you can't quite see its potential as it has the world's fugliest screen and some kind of awful touring seat.

The single cradle design and low-slung weight drop seat motorcycle frames incredible lean angles. And having the motor weight pushed forward, enables aggressive riding into corners, while the centered drivetrain gives perfect balance and lean symetry.

There are two versions available You can install a Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead or Evolution engine in these frames. They're offered in 4-speed and 5-speed versions that come without gas tank mounts, so you can choose any custom tank that fits your style.

These frames build stylish small and low "Bobbers" as well as long and lean "Choppers. These frames do not include mounts for any gas tanks, but may be special-ordered if desired.

Purchase the FBI Drop Seat Sub-Frame Kit at J&P Cycles, your source for 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a FBI Drop Seat 7" who need to sit closer to the ground for better footing and control of their bike.

They differ from the Paughco frames shown below by their lack motorcycel gas southwest bikes dallas mounts, and their round-tube backbones instead of the boxed-style.

All frames include tank mounts for the stock-style one-piece Fat Bob gas tank. We have an original 4-speed frame for a perfect copy or frmes a 5-speed frame for updating to a Softail driveline with an electric start. These frames are reproductions of the one used drop seat motorcycle frames build the original Captain America.


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