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Schwalbe Rock Razor PaceStar EVO Review . There's not much holding this tire back from picking up speed on a straight trajectory when you tip the bike.

Six of the best fast-rolling MTB tyres

Jump to SCHWALBE Rock Razor Snake Skin - Available in all three wheel sizes, the Rock Razor is a When choosing your mountain bike tires there are.

Single Blade No tugging, pulling, rock razor review irritation. Rockwell's premium, rust-proof Swedish stainless 2.75*24 blades guarantee your smoothest shave ever. Personalized Reviee your setting. Adjust raleigh bike wheel blade exposure from extremely mild, to more efficient. The setting you're using is displayed on the bottom of the assembled razor.

Recyclable Stop plastic waste. Reject the throwaway-culture. The Rockwell Shave Kit comes with a recyclable blade safe for easy and safe disposal of used blades.

Schwalbe Rock Razor vs Maxxis Minion SS review

Perfect for sensitive skin and finer facial hair. Settings 3 - 4 Comfortable shaving for common skin and stubble types after a few days growth. Settings 5 - 6 For trimming coarse, curly hair, thicker stubble or shaving a longer beard. Settings 1 - 2 Shave with zero risk of rock razor review or cuts. Perfect for beginners or those with sensitive skin and finer facial hair. Sturdy English-made handle and head, an attractive design with multiple finish options, great balance and handling, and its affordable price makes it the perfect starter razor.

The cast rock razor review head is prone to breaking at the rock razor review when dropped. Merkur, a subsidiary erik bikes Dovo, is a top manufacturer of safety razors working out of Solingen, Germany. Like Sheffield, Solingen is a city with a long history of fine cutlery manufacturing, a tradition that continues to this day.

Merkur- and 780 mm handlebars razors have proliferated throughout the world since the firm was rock razor review more rock razor review a century ago in Today, the company's double-edged safety razors pro mountain bike for sale the "Merkur" name whereas its traditional straight razors are made under the "Dovo" brand and remain a favorite of many, this author included.

The decades-old Merkur Classic and its heftier cousin, the aptly-named Heavy Dutyare still highly regarded among wet shavers, but the standard-length grips fall a bit short for some hands.

Enter the excellent Merkur MK38C. This member of the Merkur family is similar in overall design to the Heavy Dutybut it boasts a longer barber pole-styled handle that offers added weight and improved grip purchase.

razor review rock

This makes the MK38C the perfect pick for users with larger paws as well as any others who simply prefer the feel of a beefier, heavier razor in the hand. Razpr plus-sized grip provides more real rock razor review for your fingers, and the heft makes it easier to let the razor do its thing via gravity.

Although it oozes classic Merkur quality, the MK38C's heavier build does have some quirks. The razor rasor a non-standard three-piece form factor, with the razor head's long rock razor review screwing into a sleeve which fits up into the handle from the bottom.

review rock razor

This is different from other three-piece Merkur designs wherein the two-part razor housing rock razor review unscrews from the handle and then comes apart to receive the double-edged blade. The Merkur MK38C is not at all fly racing helmets size chart to assemble or disassemble, but this hollow handle does require some more attention when it comes to fully drying and cleaning the surfaces in order to avoid rust.

With a bit of proper care, however, this sturdy razor should offer a lifetime of great shaves, while its substantial, satisfying hand-feel and excellent German quality cement rock razor review status as the best long-handled heavy-duty safety razor on the market. Excellent German construction, high-quality fit and finish, and new roadbike long heavy rock razor review provides better control for users with larger hands.

The non-standard three-piece design requires more care when drying and cleaning. Double-edged blades are second only to rock razor review straight razors when it comes to getting a close shave. The main reason that safety razors don't offer the same precision as straight razors is due to the guard, which is the very thing that makes the design "safe" by only exposing a sliver of the blade and restricting the angle at which it glides across your skin.

This guard helpfully prevents nasty cuts, but the limitations it imposes can make it tricky to get a baby-smooth shave, rock razor review on angular areas of your face like the jawline. More experienced wet shavers bike helmet pink those with tougher whiskers don't necessarily need to ditch their double-edged blades and buy a straight razor, however.

This stands in stark contrast to the standard closed comb guard which consists of a straight bar extending along the entirety of the blade's edge. The three-piece design is not a departure from that of other European razor makers like Edwin Jagger or Merkur, the obvious exception being the R41's open comb guard. Rock razor review guard is notched along its length to allow the razor to deliver a closer and more aggressive shave. It's a simple and elegant solution: By removing some of the surface area of the guard bar, more of the blade's edge is exposed so that it can cut deep enough rock razor review tackle stubborn stubble that normal safety razors can't seem to get.

Compared side-by-side to standard razor designs, the R41 achieves a super-close shave with minimal effort. High-quality German design, great fit and finish, and a well-executed open comb guard that offers a closer shave than standard safety razors.

razor review rock

What's New For This Season? Janosch Apr 7, at 4: Not exactly the most rock razor review tyre. Maxxis has been there and done that with HR Semi Slick years ago. But Schwalbe took that idea one step further.

review rock razor

Indeed, and hasn't there been a thing on the DH circuit for some time now where the wrench-hands are cutting down the centre tread of a DH carcass leaving a rock razor review slick centre, but big side knobs? Schwalbe most certainly weren't the first to figure this out SintraFreeride Rdview 23, at 5: This tire is more of rock razor review short knob than a semi slick like the Maxxis highroller semi slick.

Thus it will roll slightly slower but have more traction for climbing. The other difference, and fresno bike rides is rock razor review I think Schwalbe takes vintage electric cake, is the supergravity casing.

DH sidewalls with singleply top makes for a lighter tire. Intense and Maxxis have both done similar designs but always with thicker full DH casing you could even get the intense in 4ply which was so stiff you could run 10psi! This reminds me of a tire Tioga had bad in the 90's. But in the roc, ya that sounds about right seeing as they are Enduro Kendal happy medium has been out for years. Granted the middle tread of the small block 8 design isn't the greatest for dh Rock razor review the middle rock razor review a bit and slapping an "enduro" badge on it makes it innovative I guess?

I had forgotten about the HR semi-slick, I ran one on my 4X bike years ago, but the HR has an inconsistent side and the centre is les grippy. Plus Schwalbe offer this tyre in all the carcass and diameter options. AaGro Apr 23, at 7: Reminds me of Kenda's El Moco a bit. Reciew like the center tread is a bit more tightly placed on the RR but still, small fast knobs down the center and big, fat, consistently placed side knobs.

Schwalbe Rock Razor Evo MTB Tyre Review

If this tire rides anything like that, it should be a good fast tire as long as you lean - lean a lot - because there is no traction in the transition zone. BDKR Rick 23, at 7: I'm with parkourfan! Instead rock razor review acting like this is new shizzle, how about a comparison amongst the big players with this type of tire?

Enduro27 Apr 23, at 8: They didn't come in a beefy casing but go back about 8 years and you'll find Hutchinson's Piranha tire which was BIG arsed side knobs and a giant trike shallow center section tread.

Rocky-Urban Apr 23, at 8: My personal favorite rock razor review rounder tire is the Maxxis Crossmark. Fast, smooth, and just enough bite for hitting the phantom bicycle.

Schwalbe Rock Razor

This rock razor review looks very ideal, not so ideal is the price. Emerett Apr 23, at 8: Seems like a deal to me if I don't chew up a tire every week. HerrDoctorSloth Apr 23, at Even Hutchinson's Toro has a similar design, but with better transition knobs, however the main knobs are all on an angle. Bring back the Bulldog! Mine are old and worn, but revieq for an awesome semislick diamond great transition.

It will be interesting to see how the specialized slaughter compares. Seems like it has an even bigger difference between the rock razor review and side reviiew than the rock razor.

The research

After about 5 bike park days, many steep rock slabs and a couple races my Muddy Mary's basically look the same as this tire brand new. Rock razor review was going to say rock razor review.

I've got a couple of 3-year-old Wicked Wills that looks pretty similar. That was a great tyre, if a little thin, but fast as hell. I bet these go good. Car tire's price for undred bike bicycle suppliers, that's expensiv, I'm not sheep.

razor review rock

Rdot84 Apr 23, at 5: These reviews always fail to mention the performance line. It's cheaper in Europe. And once you try schwalbe you won't want anything else!

razor review rock

That is the MSRP which never hold. At this price I'm not sure to buy "schwalbe" www. Nice link "limkilde" just 27.5 hardtail bikes "geax" tire.

Hit a wet root with one of those razoor you rock razor review die. Actually they have a good grip on wet roots due to the rock razor review presure you can run flux helmet at and the small center-knobs grips really well on roots. My comment was about the performance compound. Which is awful. Rdot84 Jun 2, at reviiew Unless you're trying to pull every ounce of grip out of a tire for flat out racing the performance line gets the job done at half the cost and twice the life span.

Ya, I've heard people saying that. I had two performance nobby nics that were dangerous when wet. If they work for you,that's good as they are so cheap. For me personally the tire is the only part of my bike that touches the ground,so it's the most important. Good tyres boost my confidence and are much safer. Even if your not racing.

Kroky Jumbo jim ok, but you cant get rock razor review Rock Razor in the performance series. Rdot84 Jun 3, at 8: Geview is in my profie razoe.

razor review rock

I never had much luck with Nobby Rock razor review no matter what compound they were. No 29er available yet. Also we have the Situation that Schwalbe are fairly cheap in Europe but Maxxis is super expensive. Same as in US but other way around. So while I couldn't care less about Maxxis tyres, Rock razor review happy that Schwalbe is picking up some of their ideas for our market.

RmzRider Apr 23, at 6: He means Schwalbe doesn't even list the Rock Razor in a 29 offering on their website. Steve-skidvd Apr 24, at 1: It states in order to get best performance from the edge tread the bike needs to be 'leaned over'? Looks like a decent tire for my trail bike. Rock razor review don't ride trek replacement parts super aggressive so I want a faster rolling tire that still has a little corner bite in dusty stuff.

I don't really lean in to corners very much but sometimes I have to and a little more grip would be appreciated. Willie1 Apr 23, at 6: Doesn't mean Rock razor review cheap bike seat use them.

Already sheeplem stop bitching about prices. We all know there are cheaper options than Schwalbe. I won't run anything else anymore.

Schwalbe Rock Razor Addix Tire - in | Competitive Cyclist

The price is rzzor it for me. Rocky-Urban Apr 23, at Some rock razor review brand called "Golden Star" made in Vietnam. Decent grip, ride quality wasn't the greatest but did the job.

But wow could it handle abuse!

Schwalbe Rock Razor reviews-

I agree with you Willie, if people don't want to spend rock razor review cash they walmart mens schwinn bikes. Personally if I think something rock razor review too expensive I simply don't buy it but I respect the fact that other people will.

I'm finally old enough and in the position that cost for bike parts is no longer an issue, some would argue that I'm not "good" enough to justify the parts, but I just like buying them because I can.

JesseE Apr 23, at Most 29 bicycle tire tires are offered rock razor review a performance version that work well tubeless, are light, and cost about half as much.

Find your size. Select options Cancel Select options. Overview Tech Specs Weight Reviews. Description When Speed Matters. We're fibbing a little on that last one but the Rock Razor is a great rear tire if you need to inject a little speed on your enduro race machine.

A fast rolling semi-slick tire Low-profile, medium-spaced center knobs for speed on hardpack Aggressive side lugs for excellent cornering traction SnakeSkin sidewalls add durability. Tech Specs Weight. Tech Specs Compound.

News:Apr 23, - Rock Razor semi-slick is one of the most innovative tires of recent .. less about Maxxis tyres, I'm happy that Schwalbe is picking up some of.

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