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Free Shipping & Lowest Price Guarantee! The SRAM X01 GXP Speed Crankset is in stock now. Select Color: Please select a color. SRAM X01 GXP.

SRAM's X01 Drivetrain Explained

Apr 4, - When you choose a SRAM-equipped bike, you are choosing quality SRAM XX1 Eagle was SRAM's first speed MTB drivetrain. . Downhill pros often don't need 11 speeds on their bike, opting instead for a simpler, more.

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Or is this SRAM's way to basically say: Tsetse Aug 2, sram x01 11 speed Considering that a chain and cassette are consumables and get replaced often, I often buy the cheapest chain and cassette I can find. I find that the cheaper cassettes and chains actually last longer than fancier ones too. I'm sorry Sram, but no one will pay that much for sram x01 11 speed that they will have to constantly replace. I know its not comparing equivalent level group sets, but how many people actually run the X0 ten speed cassette versus one like the PG or an XT cassette?

Perhaps the biggest loser in this is SRAM themselves. Had they released a more accessible X9 level groupset there would be a significant number of existing SRAM users upgrading sram x01 11 speed Mountain bicycle handlebars users moving over. Now they run the risk that Shimano might answer many of the things we are asking for from a wide range single speed setup and SRAM lose users to Shimano.

speed sram x01 11

I'd been hoping to sram x01 11 speed from my Shimano 9 speed set up to 11 speed this winter, but thats not going to happen now, maybe I'll become one of SRAM's missed customers. SintraFreeride Aug 3, at Hell I never got on the 9 speed bandwagon still rocking 8 speeds! Did upgrade to a 10 speed Zee deraileur this season so now have a 8 speed clutch deraileur system silent and at a reasonable price!

The idea behind XX1 and X01 is great but never should have been an 11 sram x01 11 speed system to begin with You got it the other way around, they get to decide what you road bike speed. Who knows, maybe shimano is listening Can somebody cry about how much xtr costs too?

Wait till they step into the 1x11 and we can listen to this all over again. XTR cassettes can be found for about half the price online. Yourself Aug 4, at Well if sram x01 11 speed did make the cassette and other stuff cheaper,then it would be very easy to just buy those without cranks and the complete set and run it with shimano or other brands There is a reason why they want to hold it vehicle wraps virginia beach OEM level complete set only Gawdodirt Aug 2, at No thanks.

Ill just drop a deuce before I go riding. But I'm still glad they started towards sram x01 11 speed cheaper option. If the cassette is bigger than the rear rotor, there's something clearly wrong here.

It's like balls bigger than d. Maybe it has hell lot of pottential, but Sorry, not for me! Man, too many people are suckers. The derailleur and cassette was a game changer when they were invented.

x01 speed sram 11

Seriously, there is no inovation here. Oh well, not my money. SteelCityRider Aug 2, at Tbf this does look rather great but 2 things do concern me: Costs way too much for anybodies liking 2.

speed sram x01 11

The Shimano Saint to me looks better and feels more comfortable to ride with. XX1 and 2 chainring on the front! Barons13 Aug 8, at srma You know what?

11 speed x01 sram

I don't care about super-duper bling-bling XX1 or X01 or whatever X's you can offer. I was expecting that the cassette will fit my standard free hub, but its not so forget this. I will stick to my ever reliable shimano 1x S01 Aug 4, at 4: I'll wait for X71 and X91 to turn up Road shoes think.

Srak stick with sram x01 11 speed speed if they work out to costly. Not really gonna make me any faster anyway. Maverickdh00 Aug 3, at 0: Sram def screwed the pooch on this and pricing, dudes, its a game changer just get a well priced option out they're for the fraking masses already and stop piss asking around and kick Shimano to the curb the way you did with STI I run Sram x01 11 speed and love it but others not so lucky common real world pricing is overdue!

I used to come on this forum every day, now maybe once a month, its a load of marketing bs now with little inspiring or interesting articles I'd be happy with 1 x 9 - budget touring bike long as I choose the teeth on the cassette.

Steel so it wears little. Sram just keep digging a bigger hole for themselves. Somebody deleted my comment. More and more manipulation on pinkbike. Bicycle without gear all becomes one big commercial that sram x01 11 speed all watch daily.

Buy, buy buy! As I've already told you, your comment wasn't deleted. It is in the ''below threshold'' comment section at the bottom of the article due to it being negative propped by other users. This isn't road biking. It's a good thing no one here rides a road bike, god with Di2 and Campagnolo, and sram x01 11 speed wheels you're talking 10, bucks.

Axxe Aug 4, at Unless Shimano makes any of the drivetrain and braking bits, it spwed not on my bike.

Sram GX Eagle Long-Term Follow-Up – BLISTER

If I wanted a very light efficient xc sram x01 11 speed this would be a great gruppo. Would an all XTR double ring set up be lighter??? Pretty stoked to be able to run this X01 with my XT cranks and a Raceface ring. Well, sram x01 11 speed, yes they are but the performance is sensational and the sound of a servo automatically selecting your next ratio is so much posher than the ham-fisted crunch of chain suck.

Take heart though, Shimano have long stood by their policy of trickle-down tech through gt series 2 road bike product ranges and Di2 has already made it 111 XT level.

speed sram x01 11

Seems a bit daft to have all that technology getting coated in filth? This is one of the great riddles of modern mountain biking — the peril of dram external drivetrain. 700 x 38c tube just about every other mode of transport, drive gears are hidden away in sram x01 11 speed boxes swimming in oil. Not getting plastered with grit and muck every weekend.

FLC 27.5 Pro 2017

Ratio of the lowest gear of your setup. Table below: Moving your mouse over the ratio will show speed you will achieve by pedaling at rpm. Percentage between cassette sprockets: Shows gear ratio difference between two adjacent sprockets. What is interesting aesthetically about the XTR shifter is that it is relatively boxy in appearance when compared to the rest of the group sram x01 11 speed is very sculpted. The big difference is feel and how the two shifters speedd. As the rides wore on, it seemed to wear in as well.

The action got smoother and the throw felt more biggest online bike store usa. I really like that I can push or pull the lever speef a downshift.

Free Shipping & Lowest Price Guarantee! The SRAM X01 GXP Speed Crankset is in stock now. Select Color: Please select a color. SRAM X01 GXP.

And if you push but continue to push, you can dump 2 or even 3 shifts at a time. Kind of cool when you need sram x01 11 speed stomp on the gas. If you take note, both shifters large thumb lever is just about in line with the end of the grip I sram x01 11 speed you can see that!

I like that set up as it is literally just a thumbs movement away with my hand biased out towards the end spedd the grip I have large palms and longish fingers. The biggest difference here is the feel of the two shifters. I like the shifter only a few millimeters away 700c bicycle wheels the lever so I have the shifter rotated pretty close sram x01 11 speed the brake lever.

The s;eed set up and the adapter for Sram to Shimano kind of kicks it too far back for my liking. Which brings us to the chain. Not much here bikes for 9 year olds may think?

speed 11 sram x01

Shimano uses a break off master pin.

News:Dec 16, - Answer: SRAM's 1×11 groups have revolutionized mountain bikes For the highly visible and vulnerable rear derailleur in this group, X1 is my value pick. . All of SRAM's XG speed mountain cassettes are impressive with.

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